Writing Shouldn’t Be Lonely

I think anyone who knows me knows I’m definitely not silent about my writing. I’m frequently talking about it “in real life” with my friends and family, and if tweets had sound mine would be a blow-horn. While we’re usually sitting by ourselves in front of our computers or notebooks penning away our latest story, writing still shouldn’t be lonely. I’ve outlined why writing with peers is great for me, and I’ve also included some feedback from fellow writers about why they love writing with others, too!

One of the biggest misconceptions about writing is that a lot of us are sitting alone in the corner with our desk and typing away without a word to the world. If this is you, I can’t recommend enough finding your writing crew. If you prefer the lone road though, don’t feel pressured! Every writer is different and that’s wonderful. Do what works best for you.

When I found my writing group, everything changed. I was writing more, and I was doing it with a better attitude. I surrounded myself with a group of like-minded individuals. They understand my struggles, and they know just how important writing is for me and the world. They understand me.

Writing is such a team effort, from conception to publication, if you’re going that route. Friends can be seriously invaluable.

So how can you find your writing squad?

I totally recommend having a Twitter account. This was where I found a lot of amazing writers (llama squad, I’m looking at you). From here I was also able to connect extensively with some other great writers!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to those writing things like you. On Twitter, hashtags are amazing. Take a look at #WritingCommunity or #AmWriting, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. There’s also some weekly, monthly, and daily chats. Just explore!

Do remember, though, while reaching out to people is great, please don’t get offended if someone doesn’t respond. Be genuine, but remember no one owes you their attention. Just keep supporting the community!

There are also some amazing events that can help you find your writing people! PitMad happens quarterly, PitchWars is yearly, NaNoWriMo is yearly, and Camp NaNoWriMo happens twice a year.

Twitter has been my personal best place to find writing peers, but I hear Facebook and Instagram are great, too. I also recently wrote about Wattpad and why it’s important to me since I found many amazing friends there, and I recently created a hub for New Adult writers.

What’s your suggestion for finding your writing squad?

I reached out on twitter, and asked a question:


Here are some of the awesome answers I received:

https://twitter.com/PiermanNicole/status/1115261217789104129 https://twitter.com/aw_frasier/status/1115199654612865024
https://twitter.com/authorhlumelo/status/1115198397387087873 https://twitter.com/chelseaareads/status/1115267301346037760

How did you find your writing squad? Why do you love them so much, and how would you suggest others find theirs?

2 thoughts on “Writing Shouldn’t Be Lonely

  1. What an insightful post! I don’t write per se but I have my own twitter family too. I have people I can talk to about books and they’ve helped me a lot through difficult times. I’m glad you found your writing squad. Keep on writing 😊💕

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