Why Wattpad is Important

Everyone starts their writing journey somewhere, and I know a lot of writers who found their writing shoes (pencils, pens, typewriters?) on Wattpad. Wattpad is more than just a reading and writing platform, it’s a community of amazing people from a plethora of backgrounds coming together with their passions.

A few weeks ago I logged onto twitter, and I asked the Twitterverse why Wattpad was important to them. Before I get into their awesome stories, I want to tell you mine.

Rewind to sixteen year old me, and the year is 2013. I’d always loved writing, but I rarely showed the world. I put together an embarrassing fan fiction after I heard about the wild success of Anna Todd’s After. I thought, “Hey, I could totally do this.” After a few chapters, the story was booming. I had a hashtag on twitter and over thirty thousand reads. It was so encouraging, and even though I’d always had the dream of being an author, this was the first time I truly believed it.

I took a small break from writing, so jump forward a few years and I was twenty. I had been on and off the platform for awhile, but I had a story I’d been working on offline for awhile. I uploaded it, and the response was astronomical. Within a few months I was featured by HQ, got over a hundred thousand reads, and was eventually long-listed for a Watty. The story is constantly ranking, and I always have amazing feedback. Beyond that, I was able to create an awesome community from my audience. Before I wasn’t sure if my story would fit somewhere and be able to get such an amazing audience. Clearly, I was wrong.

This isn’t where my story ends, though. Like many other Wattpad writers, I’ve met some amazing people along the way. The community is so supportive of one another, no matter where they are in their writing journey. I’ve learned so much, whether it be from talking to industry insiders, learning through chats, or talking to people from so many backgrounds. Wattpad has broadened my horizons beyond what I ever thought was possible.

If you hadn’t discovered it yet, why is Wattpad important to me?

I was able to join a passionate community of diverse writers.

I think my story is similar to a lot of other Wattpad writers. Every writer has a different journey and story, whether it’s online or offline, and in the technical era I think it’s important to take note of the awesome steps some sites, such as Wattpad, has taken to bring writers and readers together. Writers can find community many places, but for me Wattpad was that place.

Wattpad has successfully broken barriers for writers who felt their amazing stories wouldn’t fit elsewhere. They have given a platform to so many amazing people to share their stories and connect with readers who love their content. The community is amazing. And, to me, that’s why Wattpad is important.

Like I mentioned earlier, I asked Twitter why Wattpad is important to them.

Want to check out my Wattpad? Click here!

Here are some of the awesome answers I received:

https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/1106164191956738050 https://twitter.com/esyoungauthor/status/1114307873255849984 https://twitter.com/chanelletime/status/1114324583342006272

As you can see, Wattpad is important to many people. These are only a few answers from the millions of folks who call Wattpad their online home.

If you use Wattpad, what do you love about it?

12 thoughts on “Why Wattpad is Important

  1. I clicked into this because I’d never heard of Wattpad before, but it sounds like an amazing connection and sharing driven space for writers which is amazing 🙂 there’s nothing worse than someone who doesn’t understand your passion shooting it down just coz it’s not what they would have done

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  2. Wattpad was never somewhere I super connected with because my writing is always novel-length and I didn’t like the pressure of releasing chapter by chapter (very different from my writing style) but the short things I did post there (years and years ago, wow, I feel old all of a sudden) definitely helped me develop as a writer. I probably would have enjoyed it more if there had been a stronger social media community around it like there is today. Great post!

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    1. All my friends and myself write novel length stories! One of the things that helped me with the chapter by chapter is I write my entire book in advance before posting it. It saves me the anxiousness of uploading on time, and it makes me feel better with my direction. It’s super social now (with forums, too), so I’d definitely recommend checking it out again if you’re up for it!

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  3. OMG I absolutely love love love Wattpad I mainly use this app as a reader. And it is so great to witness a book i waited every week to get a chapter to being published! Besides giving people confidence it is also a place full of opportunities. The most popular books on there usually got publishing offers! I’ve tried writing a bit on there a few years back but I don’t have the confidence and can’t think of any worthy plot to continue on..

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    1. I love the sit as both a reader and writer. I’ve had so many writer friends move on to accomplish big things! My readers are my favorite people, and they truly make me excited to write every new chapter!

      Have you tried maybe doing a short story to start? Or even a prompt to follow? That might be a good way to get your plotting juices flowing!

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  4. I really enjoyed reading about your wattpad journey. I love Wattpad too. It’s been so amazing to connect with other writers and readers and there’s nothing better than getting feedback on your stories. It’s a great platform 🙂

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  5. I absolutely love Wattpad! The only problem I have is with the oversaturation of content. In some ways, that’s amazing. There’s always stuff to read and there’s no elitism to the posting side of things. However, it means it’s so hard to make a name of yourself and build an audience!


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