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Makayla Sophia is an artist, writer, and overall book lover. Here at, you’ll be able to find all of those things! On her blog, Makayla share book reviews, other book posts, and writing advice! Over on the art page, you’ll see her updated portfolio!

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Recent blog posts

  • Introducing: New Adult Writers Union (3/16/2019) - There’s been something weighing on me lately, and I finally decided to do something about it. New Adult is a genre that is beginning to flourish, but the writers are a bit scattered, and the resources for those writers aren’t as great as they could be. When looking at other genres and audiences, there are […]
  • Blog Tour Review & Sweepstakes: The Dysasters (3/1/2019) - I am so excited to dive into The Dysasters by P.C. And Kristin Cast! It was a fantastic read! Thank you so much to Wednesday Books for providing me with an ARC! All opinions are my own!
  • Write For Yourself First! (1/27/2019) - I think one of the biggest things I struggle with as a writer is first writing for myself before anyone else! When you want to make a career out of writing, sometimes even writing the first draft will become consumed with thoughts like, will this be good enough? While every piece of writing advice is […]

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