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  • Book Review: Sea of Strangers (6/14/2018) - Sea of Strangers is the second book in The Ryogan Chronicles by Erica Cameron. This second book is what you would expect from a middle novel: filled with fast-paced adventure. With danger lurking at every turn and racing against time, this book was filled with high stakes and an immense plot. This is the second […]
  • Book Review: The Cruel Prince (5/31/2018) - THE CRUEL PRINCE follows the story of Jude, a girl ripped from her human life and placed into the faerie world. Filled with magic, drama, and a hint of romance, this story is sure to be a treat. I have to admit, I was absolutely blown away by this story and I’m definitely counting myself […]
  • Book Review: Warcross (5/16/2018) - This is a spoiler-free review of WARCROSS by Marie Lu! This story follows a vivid, futuristic world where virtual reality is at everyone’s fingertips, and a young girl, Emika, finds herself thrown into the middle of a shocking scandal.

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YA Paranormal Romance.

When Beth receives a history assignment, she doesn’t expect to have her world flipped upside down. Discovering her dead parents magic, she’s being hunted by vampire-like fallen angels as the last of her family line. Clark is one of them, and he’s been framed for her parents murder. He must restore his reputation or risk being dethroned from his coven. Beth and Clark work together to save their towns and themselves, but resisting each other won’t be easy.

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