WTFYC: Narrative Structure

Before you hop into your writing, it’s important to know what Narrative Structure is in literature. This is the basis for how your story gets from Point A to Point B. Knowing narrative structure can help make sure every scene in your narrative serves it’s purpose.

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WTFYC: Dialogue, Tags vs Cues

One of my favorite things in writing is crafting beautiful dialogue. When I started writing, I often found myself overusing dialogue tags rather than using cues (more on the difference later). It’s fun to find new ways to say “said / says”, but it’s not always necessary. To kick off WTFYC, I’ll be giving a short lesson on the difference between tags and cues.  Continue reading “WTFYC: Dialogue, Tags vs Cues”

Writing Tips for YOUR Craft

Welcome to Writing Tips for YOUR Craft. To make things easier, we’ll shorten that large title to a simple acronym, WTFYC.

Here are WTFYC I will share new tips every week to help you with your craft. We’ll cover a plethora of topics in different depths, including world-building, dialogue, character building, descriptions, metaphors, and more. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

Each “lesson” will have a short challenge at the end for you to optionally participate in to test what you’ve learned. These challenges are usually quite short and will take only a few minutes to complete. I want to keep things simple!

Here on WTFYC, I will also be inviting different writers and industry professionals to participate in lessons, giving their best tips for you. This is all about improving your skills.

While this isn’t guaranteed to make you the next online sensation or NYT Bestseller, the hope is you will finish each lesson having learned something new. WTFYC is focused purely on writing. With anything, improvement comes with practice.

WTFYC is a fun group of lessons that will be cross posted on my Wattpad and personal blog. While you’re participating, feeling free to use the hashtag #WTFYC on social media. The more the merrier!

Buckle up and settle in, because we’re about to have a lot of fun.