Shattered Wishes

Paranormal Romance Scarlet has always been afraid of dying. She decidedly signs her soul over to darkness and strikes a bargain to become immortal. There's one problem: darkness will demand a favor, and she's not sure when. When the devil returns with her soul, he asks for his favor - kill the one you love … Continue reading Shattered Wishes


Paranormal - Short Story Sophie is a detective, but she never imagined she would have to investigate her own friend being missing. With Elise missing, Sophia travels to a dark wood during the darkest time of the night. Inside she makes a sinister discovery. Click here to read for FREE on Wattpad!


Paranormal Romance - Young Adult When Beth receives a history assignment, she doesn’t expect to have her world flipped upside down. Discovering her dead parents magic, she’s being hunted by vampire-like fallen angels as the last of her family line. Clark is one of them, and he’s been framed for her parents murder. He must … Continue reading Awaken

Bound by Shadow

Fantasy - New Adult Living with vampires is all human Siggi has ever known. Adopted by the Stuarts, the royal family of Luxtera, she thought she wanted to become one too. On the night of her transition, she learns they only wanted her for the magic dormant within her blood. Magic that might have the … Continue reading Bound by Shadow