Bound by Shadow

Fantasy – New Adult

Living with vampires is all human Siggi has ever known. Adopted by the Stuarts, the royal family of Luxtera, she thought she wanted to become one too. On the night of her transition, she learns they only wanted her for the magic dormant within her blood. Magic that might have the power to tip the balance in the rivalry between Luxtera and the nation of Myrkria.

When the Stuarts become violent, Siggi magically binds herself to Eirik, a man from Myrkria who she doesn’t know if she can trust. As she struggles to understand her power, he opens her eyes to the truth behind Luxtera – a truth as terrifying as the bind itself.

She must learn to trust herself, and decipher whether what she feels toward Eirik is from their bond or something more. If she isn’t careful, the slightest mistake could have irrevocable impact on what she holds dear.

Now serializing on Radish Fiction

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