Blog Tour Excerpt: A GOLDEN FURY by Samantha Cohoe

Hello, friends! Today I am so excited to share with you an excerpt of A GOLDEN FURY by Samantha Cohoe! Wednesday Books have so graciously provided this excerpt. They've also provided me with an advanced readers copy of this novel, and let me tell you, it's been fantastic so far! About the Book TITLE: A … Continue reading Blog Tour Excerpt: A GOLDEN FURY by Samantha Cohoe

#ReadTogether on Wattpad!

Times are tough, and reading can be a wonderful escape. The folks over at Wattpad are participating in the #ReadTogether initiative. There are a number of fantastic stories available on the platform to dive into, and I wanted to highlight some of my current favorites. I also wanted to talk a bit why reading is … Continue reading #ReadTogether on Wattpad!

How I request Advanced Reader Copies Directly From A Publisher

I've always loved influencer marketing. Before I jumped into book blogging and book reviewing, I reviewed a plethora of products, all the way from cosmetics and clothing to jewelry and more! Because I did these reviews, I was given multiple opportunities to receive products in exchange for reviews. When I became a book blogger, I … Continue reading How I request Advanced Reader Copies Directly From A Publisher

(Book Review) WICKED was everything I needed

I was recently suggested to read Wicked by Jennifer L Armentrout by a good friend (thanks, Fray)! Actually, it was more like she kept telling me to read it until I finally gave in. I'm sorta slapping myself now for not reading it sooner! I am so obsessed with this book now, and I can't … Continue reading (Book Review) WICKED was everything I needed

Book Birthdays!

Today's book birthday celebration is really important to me. It's not just two books I love, but two books that have really touched my heart. My close friend, A. W. Frasier, and I have decided to both release the first chapters of our books today! SPIRITS AND CROWNS I've had the privilege of reading the … Continue reading Book Birthdays!

Cover Reveal!

I am so incredibly excited to share these cover reveals with you! I love doing cover reveals, but this is even more special because they're for my books! My book Awaken is getting a brand new cover, and my new book, Bound by Shadow, has a cover of it's own, too! BOUND BY SHADOW Say … Continue reading Cover Reveal!