Hello, March! Updates & More!

Wow, it’s been awhile since we chatted on my blog! I’m excited to be back, and I have a ton of updates to share with you. There’s been a lot of things going on behind the scenes, including a bunch of reading, more writing, and platform growth! Let’s hope into march!

A new platform!

I’ve started serializing some of my stories on Tapas.io! I’m excited to try out this awesome, diverse platform and share my stories there. If you’re interested in checking it out, please click the button below.

New Stories!

I’m actively working on two new stories, and I’m excited to begin sharing them with you. They’ve both been fun to write so far, and are mostly fun projects to help me get back into writing actively.

Shattered Wishes has been fun to write so far. The prologue and first chapter are available to read on Wattpad, and it’s entered into the Ambassador Open Novel Contest!

It’s about a girl who sells her soul to darkness and sacrifices what she loves the most for a chance at immortality. There’s a lot of drama, lust, and of course magic!

It will be updating as updates become available.

Another story I’ve started writing is Blood Princess. This has been a lot of fun to explore! It centers around an assassin whose been hired to kill a vampire princess. They might started catching feelings for each other, and if they work together, they might be able to stop the true evil in the kingdom.

This one has mostly been written for my platform on Tapas, so you can check it out there! If you already follow my work on Wattpad, I will be simultaneously uploading it there as well.

Early Access & Exclusive Content

I’m excited to announce I will be delivering early access and exclusive content through the wonderful platform Buy Me A Coffee! You can receive exclusive content by subscribing monthly / yearly or through a one time donation. This will help me tremendously and financially!

If you’re a creator looking for a cool alternative to Ko-Fi or Patreon, this is an awesome choice! You can set up rewards for your supporters, set up a shop, and do workshops for members. There’s tons of wiggle room, and the staff of the website are great!

What am I reading and watching?

I’ve been filling a lot of my time with reading and binge watching!

I’ve just started reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, and it’s been an interesting read so far! I love Holly Black’s work, and this one is no different. Of course, we know I’m obsessed with vampires too.

This might be showing my age a bit, but I’ve recently started watching the HBO show True Blood! I was a bit too young for it’s content when it started, and I know I’m basically a decade late, but I’ve been enjoying it so much! I’ve literally had to pace myself watching. If you’re wondering, my favorite character on the show is definitely Eric Northman.

Life Stuff

Since everyone seems to be interested in the more personal affairs of their favorite (can I say I’m one of your favorites?) content creators, I thought I’d do a little personal section of this newsletter!

There’s been a lot of life changes. To push out the sad part first, I lost my mom to cancer in November, which is why the blog and all my platforms have been relatively silent. She was my biggest supporter of my creative endeavors, so it’s been a little more than difficult to get back into all of my creative endeavors. I’m getting better, though!

I’m also streaming vide games sometimes under the name Makamew! You can find me mostly on Twitch playing things like the Legend of Zelda, Overwatch, Apex, and recently Smite! I’ve also got some super cute emotes, so you should… definitely check it out.

Thank you!

Thank you again everyone for your support. I want to make these newsletters a common thing going forward, and I’m really hoping to find my feet soon as a creator. Thank you for your support as I figure out what I personally think is best for my content! It means so much to me that I have a spectacular group of people rallying behind me. Truly!


Makayla Sophia

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