Book Review: Wildcard

This is a spoiler-free review of Wildcard by Marie Lu! I was so incredibly excited to jump into the finale of the Warcross duology. I adored the first book, Warcross, and you can read my first review here.


With the new Warcross update in play, Emika has only a short period to decide who she sides with — Hideo, the man she loves, or Zero, the curious and anonymous hacker? If the update goes through, it could mean humanity loses its ability to choose for itself.

Emika only has a few weeks to fight against the clock and uncover a world of secrets even darker than she had ever thought possible. Teaming up with her Warcross friends, she’s on the biggest digital hunt of her life.


WOW. I hardly have words. THIS WAS SO GOOD! I was absolutely obsessed with the first book in this series, Warcross, and Wildcard was no different! This duology has combined all my favorite things — books and videogames.

I loved the characters! In Wildcard, Emika has an internal battle with what she wants and what’s good for the world. She also struggles with understanding Hideo and trying to figure out whether or not his plans and actions are completely evil. With the introduction of Zero, there’s more than ever to be learned about the characters!

The setting of these books absolutely astounds me. I love the incorporation of the lenses into the real world, and how they overlay what can be seen with the virtual. One setting seen more of in this novel is a bit of the dark world, which is always super interesting to see Emika triapse through!

Overall, I absolutely adored this book. Marie Lu writes so well, and I always feel immersed in her novels. Wildcard is no exception. I couldn’t put it down, and the moment I saw my hold was available from the library, I dived in. It was one of the books I wish I could read from the beginning again, because it was that amazing!


Lovely characters, amazing setting, fantastic writing!

Final Words

Rating: 5/5!

What did you think of the conclusion of this duology? Did it meet your expectations?


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