This is a spoiler free review of Fireblood by Elly Blake, which is the second book in the Frostblood Saga. This was a spectacular book that had me hooked from start to finish. A rollercoaster of a novel, this is definitely a series everyone needs to get into.

I previously reviewed the first book, Frostblood, which you can read my review by clicking here.


With the minax now on the loose, Ruby must hunt for answers on how to destroy it, which might be in the nation of her people, Sudesia. She’s never been there, but she’s accompanied by another Fireblood, Kai. When she arrives, she must uncover secrets and follow a path to discover herself. If she doesn’t hurry, destruction could come to both the kingdoms of Sudesia of her people and Tempesia where her love, Arcus, reigns.


Wow! This was such a spectacular book! If you didn’t know, the first book in this series, Frostblood, is what got me really into book blogging and plunged me back into my love of reading. I’d stumbled upon it at just the right time, and Fireblood is no different.

I thought I had fully understood the world of the Firebloods and Frostbloods, but I WAS WRONG! When Ruby arrives in Sudesia, there’s a plethora of new information. I was immediately hooked and wanted to know more! From the new characters, new setting, and the new politics, everything was

One of my favorite parts of Fireblood was Ruby really began to believe in herself and her unique abilities. She embraced them, and used them wholly to her advantage. This was amazing character growth!

I loved the new characters introduced, too. Kai was my absolute favorite! I’ll keep my lips sealed so that I don’t spoil anything, but WOW, I loooooved that character! Ahh! Okay, lips sealed…


I absolutely adored this book! It was a fantastic sequel with thrilling characters, an enchanting setting, and an amazing plot!


Rating: 5/5 STARS! Loved it! Ah!

What did you think of Fireblood? Are you excited for Nightblood?


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