Writing Goals for 2018

With the incoming of a new year, many people are writing down their goals for 2018. Goals can be a beautiful thing, as long as we make sure they’re reasonable. I want you, my followers and readers, to hold me accountable for my writing goals. I’ve always made it goal to be transparent about my aspirations.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a dream of being a published author. In 2017, its felt closer to reality than ever. I’m hoping with the goals I set for myself in 2018 will bring that dream even closer to fruition.

I want to make goals that are within my own personal grasp. Yes, I can make a goal of having an agent say yes, but I can’t make an agent say yes. I can only hope from my own goals it will make them more likely to see yes. Do you see my pattern? Make realistic goals that are within my control to further my career.

Goal #1 – Read More Books!

What? But, Makayla, you want to be a writer so why are you reading more? As many writers know, reading can do wonders for your writing. I want to read everything. From blog posts about enhancing my craft to books within the genres I’m writing, I want to read.

I want to read at least one published book a month within my particular genre, focusing on works that have been released within the past three years. I need to understand my market better. This includes young adult fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal. I’ll definitely be filling up my TBR (to-be-read) shelves on my Goodreads.

Goal #2 – Finish That Manuscript!

I recently finished a manuscript, polished it, and received feedback on it – and now I’m querying it. That was last years goal, and I’ve completed that. I’ve set another goal of writing another manuscript while I await query responses.

Why, though? I need to keep my craft active. I need to continue writing and growing my own voice as a writer. I’ve set a specific timeline for myself and a personal deadline. When I’ve got the manuscript finished, I’ll repeat the same process I did last year – edit, receive feedback, edit some more.

Goal #3 – Submit To PitchWars and Agents!

PitchWars is an awesome event that connects writers with mentors and then with agents. It’s seriously amazing and has lead to many author’s dreams coming true. With PitchWars accepting submissions in August, I’m hoping to submit my new manuscript to it, if I haven’t gotten an agent by then. While having an agent before then is what I’m hoping for, I’m remaining open with my goals and how to reach them.

Goal #4 – Connect With Writers!

Toward the end of 2017 I started becoming extremely active in the online writing community on Twitter. I had already been posting and talking to other writers on sites like Wattpad, but Twitter really made my horizons larger.

I want to connect with fellow writers and create a network of determined people around me. I’m always inspired when I’m able to connect with others and see what they’ve accomplished. Seeing other’s victories pushes me to become better.

Goal #5 – Trust In Myself!

This is my final goal, and I know it can be one of the hardest, which is why I saved it for last. Trusting in myself has never been easy. I know I usually put on a good facade that I’m extremely confident in my work (heck, when I was in high-school that’s the word I was given to describe me), but in truth, I’m not always that confident. I’m the type of person to believe the longer I tell myself something, the more it must be true.

This year, I really want to believe in myself. I want to trust the words I put onto pages and trust the queries I send out. I want to trust in myself in cultivating the right connections and building the proper network around myself.

What are your goals?

What are your goals for 2018 and how are you planning to achieve them?

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