Success For Artists: Support Other Artists

As an artist, finding success usually isn’t a very easy feat. Most of us, including myself, are looking for some sort of formula that will launch our careers. For someone who spends an incredible amount of hours and days working on one project, it might be shocking that I am a bit impatient, too.

The biggest word of advice I can give to artist’s who are just starting out and looking to launch their career is to support other artists. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the long run. Think of it as your first task in marketing. This little tip is for any type of artist, if you create something, to me you’re an artist.

But how do I support other artists? I’m broke!

Don’t always think of support as being direct monetary value. We’re living in the digital age, where a vast number of our customers and supporters are found online through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you see an artist’s work that you enjoy, then share it. Your support will not go unnoticed, and more often than not, other artists will start to support you, too. Now, you’ve started to grow your network!

Photo by Tim Arterbury on Unsplash

I know your concern, too. What if they take my customers? It’s a scary thought, of course. But remember, as an artist you have a different kind of connection than regular businesses. Not only do your customers and followers keep in touch with you because of your artwork, but they do it because they enjoy you! You are your brand, and those followers will stay in touch with your brand. Sure, sharing another artist’s work might give them some more customers, but what might happen when they share yours? Exactly the same.

Supporting other artists can be one of the most fulfilling things. If you often find yourself comparing yourself to other artists, the best thing to cure that is to support them.

Happy supporting, and happy art making!

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