UNBOXING & REVIEW: Bohemian Trinkets

I am so excited to show you guys this review of the products I recieved from this amazing Etsy store. Everything was high quality and looked fantastic, and I’m so stoked to wear it out soon!

First off, as always, you can see my unboxing video as well as my live review on my YouTube channel, which I will embed below. If you would like to see my written review, then scroll past the video, I’ve also included some pictures and a 30% off discount code!

Shop the store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeboutillierDesign

I will start off with my review of shipping and customer service, keeping this short and sweet. Both were great and went hand-in-hand. As soon as my package was sent out, the owner of the store let me know. The owner also answered all and any questions I had, which is always a huge plus when it comes to online stores. Overall, shipping and customer service were great!

Now, onto the products! I received quite a few items from this store to review, and I will add photos of them all below. Everything was top quality, and they perfectly fit the aesthetic of the store. My favorite item in particular would probably be the wolf tooth pendant, since I have an obsession with wolves! Of course, I loved everything, but that’s just my favorite!

Bohemian Elephant Ring

Shop link: https://goo.gl/JYpmco

This ring is absolutely gorgeous. I love the turquoise on it, as well as the details. The carvings on this ring are so detailed and intricate. This will definitely be one of my favorites (and, keep this a secret between us, my mom will probably want this from me!.

La Lune, Midi Ring

Shop link: https://goo.gl/7s9Hlb

If you love everything to do with the moon like I do, this midi ring is super cute! It’s very simplistic, too, which is probably why I like it so much. Carved into it’s surface it reads “la lune”, which translaters to the moon. Also carved on it is the outline of a crescent moon! How cute?

Tibetan Silver Ring

Shop Link: https://goo.gl/CVJZ7f

This ring is so cute! I love all of the details on it, and of course I’m obsessed with the turquoise on it. It’s definitely an accent ring!

Tribal Wolf Tooth Pendant

Shop Link: https://goo.gl/7tfhJw

Like I said earlier, this is probably my favorite item from this store because I love wolves! This piece is so unique, and I haven’t seen something like this elsewhere. A definite must have for me!

Rhinestone Goddess Celestial Necklace

Shop Link: https://goo.gl/3mSfgF

This. Is. Gorgeous. The quality is amazing on this piece, too. I love the features of the moon and the stars. I want to go somewhere nice ASAP so I can throw this on (gently, of course!) and show the world!

Saharan Rainbow Geode

Shop Link: https://goo.gl/rji3V3

This is such a beautiful geode! I put this on my bed side table. It shines and sparkles so beautifully, I love it!

Of course, I know you guys anxiously want the discount code, or maybe you’ve just scrolled down here to get it. Anywhooo, the discount code is “BOHO30” and can get you 30% off of your order!

Thanks for reading this review, and I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Let me know down in the comments what you think of this store, and what you want me to review next!

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