HimiFashion Revew (and discount!)

Hello, friends! I am so excited to share with you this review of the amazing shop called HimiFashion! HimiFashion is an online store based in Dongguang, China.  HimiFashion has styles that would suit any internet brat! Their styles center around a lot of Japanese and Korean subcultures. Some styles include Lolita, Fairy Kei, Gyraru, Harajuku, and all things “kawaii”! I will be sharing with you my review of this store based on their product quality, shipping, customer service, and their website! Keep reading for an exclusive 5% off discount code as well!


This is probably going to be my favorite part of this review! I am literally so enthused with what Himi sent me. Himi sent me two super cute sailor moon tshirts in a dark blue (nearly black) and in a white! The material of this product is a cotton, lycra, and elastic mix so it is very soft, and it is also very flexible. I wasn’t too sure how the sizing would match up to American sizes since this is an Asian product, but I was happy to find out that their large (yes, I’m a large!) fit me perfectly! I would probably hang dry this product, though, just to minimize chances of shrinking.

My favorite part of these shirts would definitely be the collar and the sleves! I absolutely love how they are so unique! They look cuter than your average tshirt (and the cost is very nice considering how original it is!).

I love the navy collar on these shirts. It actually gives you the sailor sort of vibe, which is totally cool for sailor moon! The sleeves are also very cute as they are framed by the same material used on the sailor colar. It makes the whole shirt go together very nicely!

Overall, these shirts are very nice! I love the originality of them. Their quality is great overall. I will definitely be wearing these shirts all the time! I also love the graphic print on the front featuring Artemis and Luna from Sailor Moon. HOW CUTE! (Or should I say, “how kawaii”?).


Shipping was very good as well! The package with my shirt promptly arrived a few weeks after Himi told me they shipped it out. There was a slight delay in the arrival, but that was because they were on holiday at that time, which Himi told me about when I grew worried about it’s arrival. So, everything was sorted out very quickly!

When my package arrived it came in a standard parsel-type envelope that had bubble wrap padding on the inside. My two shirts came in plastic bags to protect them from wear and tear during the shipping process. The packaging was neat and to the point, which is something I commend.

Side note – most of their items have free shipping (YAY!).


Customer service from Himi was great! Not only was Himi very kind, but all of my emails were responded to very quickly! Because Himi is in China, and I am in the United States their was a bit of a timing difference. However, as soon as Himi was able they replied to my messages. They were thorough with their responses as well and offered all they could. I am very impressed with their customer service and will definitely be contacting them again soon!

their website – 5/5

HimiFashion has three sites in which it runs from and is affiliated with. There are three ways you can purchase from Himi, this is on HimiFashion.com, Himi.storenvy.com, and cutiemori.storenvy.com. My suggestion is to purchase from HIMI.STORENVY.COM — if you purchase from there I can get you a 5% discount off of your order!

Above is a screencap of their store on Storenvy. I would suggest this way of purchasing from them. You can visit this site for yourself at himi.storenvy.com ! Here you can view all of their products, and on the sidebar to the left you can navigate through their categories. Checkout is easy as well. To receive 5% off of your order, put in discount code “MAK5” for 5% off! You’re welcome!

Thank you for reading my review on HimiFashion! Don’t forget to shop their store at HIMI.STORENVY.COM and use discount code “MAK5” for 5% off of your order! This is a wonderful store that I would recommend to anyone.

Let me know what you think about this store in the comments! Tell me what stores you want me to review next, and I will try my best to!

Special thanks to HimiFashion for allowing me this opportunity! This weekend I will have a video on my YouTube channel as a review as well. Once it is up I will link it here 🙂 ❤

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