One Direction OTRA Concert

One Direction visited Columbus, Ohio and I was thrilled that I had to opportunity to attend this show. Not only am I a huge fan of One Direction, but I had heard so many great and fun things about this concert from their other stops that I desperately wanted to go.

The concert took place at the Ohio Stadium located in Columbus on The Ohio State University’s campus. That place is huge. I was amazed at how large it was, and I was equally happy with how quickly people were getting into the venue and to their seats. I was a little disappointed that the stadium wasn’t filled like other shows, but nonetheless One Direction was here and I was seeing them for myself!

I didn’t really video this concert all that much apart for a few short parts, but the video quality isn’t good enough to post here. We were sitting in the lower bowl of the arena, so we were still a ways away from the stage but that didn’t stop us from having the time of our lives. We danced on those concrete bleachers and had the best time ever to the best song ever. All the familiar tunes from their albums rang out through the stadium. We even watched One Direction bandmates Louis and Liam have a water fight (which was hilarous).

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