Concert Review: Boyz of Zummer

Boys of Zummer was one of the hottest and longest concerts I have ever endured, but it was totally worth waiting to see one of my favorite bands, Fall Out Boy. The concert also consisted of the artists Hoodie Allen, Max Schneider, and Wiz Khalifa. I will carefully admit that I mainly went to this concert to see FoB since I’ve loved them for years. Actually, this was my second time seeing them in concert.

A huge shout out to WNCI for providing me with these tickets for this show. I hit up this concert with my closest friend, Brooke, and we were more than a little excited for this show. We got a great spot at the front of the crowd. We were on the right side of the stage (if you’re facing it), and were almost on the barricade. We were lucky that among all of the Wiz fans we found a few die-hard Fall Out Boy fans that we could chill with until it was time for them to come onto the stage.

I was shocked to say the least how hype the crowd was at this show. They were nuts. This was one of the weirdest conjunctions of crowds that I’d ever seen in my entire life. Not saying that you can’t be fans of both Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy, but seeing two sides of the pendulum of fan types was crazy. From the kids with all black on to the girls who were barely wearing sports bras and shorts, it was quite literally a crazy concert experience.

The first of the artists to come on stage was Hoodie Allen. Since I am addicted to the internet and am a bit too well acquainted with the music fandom verses across it, I already knew who he was. Despite not being a huge fan, I will openly say that he put on a very good set. Now, being the asthmatic that I am, I didn’t get too crazy during the set so I could save my energy for Fall Out Boy and not have to lose my spot among the huge crowd.

For all of the other acts before Fall Out Boy I turned off my phone so that I would have enough battery to take a few pictures (and so I’d be able to call someone to pick me up afterwards), so I don’t have photos of Wiz or Max Schneider. One of the funniest things that happened during Wiz’s set, though, I could probably vividly describe. You know how artists sometimes throw beach balls or other inflatables into the audience? Well, that happened, but it wasn’t beach balls. There were three huge inflatables in the shape and coloring of joints. They were probably at least ten feet long. Oh, and I’ll put this in here just for quick reference, if you’re a person that smokes at a concert, please don’t blow into my hair. I don’t want my hair to smell like weed after a concert, thanks.

After all of the waiting (which was roughly four hours of standing in one place), Fall Out Boy came onstage. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to hold up during their set because I was so exhausted from standing for so long, but I was so siked to see them. I’d seen them once before in 2014, so seeing them again was amazing. We were standing on the side where Pete Wentz plays (OMG!), and he was so close that we could have probably touched him if I reached far enough.

The show was amazing, yes. I’d probably rate the show a 7/10 overall just for the length of all of the acts were so uneven (especially the main ones). Wiz was on stage for way over two hours. I literally thought his set was never going to end. The show was extremely hot, but you can’t really help the weather. Some of the show as also disorganized, because we had no idea that the concert was happening in the backlot of the concert venue opposed to the outdoor area.

Perhaps I’m a bit biased just because I wanted to go mainly for Fall Out Boy, but really standing in the heat that long was basically ridiculous. Despite all of those things, though, I did have a great time at this show.

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